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Hello, we are Code Production!

From CMS service provider to CMS provider

Founded in 2008 Code Production has successfully delivered more than 1,200 web projects of various complexity to their 285 clients located in Northern America, Australia and Europe, becoming a leading developer partner for Adobe Business Catalyst community. On March 26th, 2018 Adobe announced the EOL of Business Catalyst CMS which forced thousands of Business Catalyst Partners to find a new home for tens of thousands of their websites.

After much research and analysis and not finding a worthy alternative, backed by several well-established Business Catalyst Partners, Code Production started creating their own platform that would serve the needs of their growing business. On July 17th version 1 of Treepl CMS was launched giving opportunity to every former Business Catalyst partner to get their clients businesses to the next level.

From day one Treepl CMS offers significant technological advantages to every website, newly developed or migrated from Business Catalyst.

Treepl CMS is an upgrade that is seamless both for former BC Partners and their end-clients.

For more info about Treepl CMS visit: treepl.co

Our Workflow

We believe there are 3 main principles that define a successful project delivery:

  1. Every project should be scoped out the way that developer understands the project exactly how the end client does. Not the way the project manager or the QA understand - the developer;
  2. Don’t make clients (BC partners) create technical specifications for projects. It is our responsibility to create a detailed scope from whatever we get and then present it to the client for confirmation;
  3. You’ve got to have a dedicated QA specialist on every project that will manually go through the entire scope (including correspondence) before delivering the project.

Our project workflow is built around these 3.

We won’t ask you to use any side services while working with us, everything is built inside Code Production.

The process is smooth and fully predictable from start to finish.