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SuperHomes + MLS

See demos you can make:

You can use these as a starting point too


SuperHomes is a fantastic Business Catalyst template that will suit any real estate agency and its elegant and universal design makes it a good choice for other types of businesses as well. Featuring various property list layouts for all types of realty - from residential to industrial properties.

In addition, it’s the first BC template that is designed for integration with any external listing database you can possibly think of (IDX, Spark Listings, RETS, RealEstate.com.au - you name it). And with our unique offer (MLS integration is a separate one-time charge that starts at $999) your SuperHomes setup will include:

  • The setup of the MLS Listings webapp which will be a great news for your SEO and will give you the most flexibility with the output of the listings' fields you need.
  • The setup of the PHP service that will synchronize your MLS with the Listings webapp on BC on your web server (we would need a server with SSL certificate and cPanel from you).
  • Modification of the PHP Data Adapter service in order for it to suit your type MLS feed and transform the data from it properly (any source of constantly updated data will be required: SQL database, constantly updated CSV file on FTP, Spark API, even the HTML page).


Browsers compatibility

Desktop - Internet Explorer 11+, Firefox 58+, Google Chrome 63+ and Safari 11+ Mobile browsers - iOS 11+, Google Chrome for Android 6+.

Fonts used

  • Source Sans Pro (Google font)
  • Advert Pro (Google font)
  • Font Awesome for icons

Modules and functionality

  • Agents list layouts
  • MLS Listings
  • 2 x property lists
  • Communities list
  • Site search
  • Separate blog search
  • 2 x blog layouts
  • 3 x photo galleries
  • 2 x web app list + detail layouts

Template Features

  • Responsive Design

  • Cross-browser Compatibility

  • Full ChangableHome Page

  • 30+ Layouts

  • Simple Online Editor

  • Email Template

  • Icon Packs

  • Support24/7

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