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Treepl Timeline

Here we post all the updates related to Treepl and Code Production. Browse Treepl history and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get notified on all new releases.

'Save changes' update

With the new update you can force the saving of the changes you made to the Treepl demo site or the content of the home page. Automatic saving is still performed as it was before.

New Template: Crafter

Third template released for the last three weeks, that may qualify for a hat-trick=) Crafter is the best choice for any creative business, artist, gallery, hand-made, DIY or art shop, the list goes on. Template features a number of unique layouts, such as portfolio, team, various galleries with filtering, three different product list layouts. This, together with elegant design and slick animations makes Crafter suitable for any site, especially eCommerce oriented.

Font Awesome Pro icon set

Now Treepl users have an option to insert Font Awesome Pro icons to the demo sites, so be sure to take advantage of 1,500+ collection of Pro icons. Read about the benefits of Font Awesome Pro in our blog post.

Font Awesome 5 Upgrade

All of our Treepl templates were upgraded to Font Awesome 5. Almost 1,000 icons redesigned from scratch on a 16px grid for better consistency and readability! Learn more about the long-awaited update of the most popular icon set in our blog post.

New Template: Senior Care

Senior Care is a classic Business Catalyst template that is perfect for establishing a strong online presence, suitable for any business, especially for the healthcare! We have a strong feeling that this might be your new favorite! Team and pricing layouts would be helpful for any business and property list and detail pages make it easy to use the template even for real estate sites.

New Template: Solar

Taking our bestseller Weme template as a base, we totally redesigned it in collaboration with a BC partner who is providing services for companies in solar energy industry in order to ensure that we increase site users' engagement and make the site suitable for any niche market. Meet Solar, template with a simple structure and elegant design, which makes it perfect for redesign and replication for a big number of sites. Learn more about Solar in our blog post.

nICE Editor App

With nICE editor, content management becomes an easy task that your customers will enjoy carrying out, as it allows them to edit page content right on the front-end of the site in a WYSIWYG manner, looking at it as they would normally do, rather than having to go to the admin, find the exact place where the content is located and then possibly breaking the page structure by using the default WYSIWYG or messing with the code. And yes, the app supports Liquid! ;) Get the app on BC App Store.

Site redesign

Code Production home page and Treepl section, as well as couple other pages of our site were revised and redesigned. Our main services, their features, portfolio, contact forms and other information about our business is now easily navigatable, better structured and more good-looking.

Treepl tools update

Treepl users can now zoom out the template when viewing the site or creating/editing the demo site by clicking the respective button at the top of the site. Help Center was improved as well in order to cover each step of using the service. Apart from that, link to 'My Dashboard' was added to the toolbar and some other UX and UI enhancements were made. Bugfixing was also carried out.

Treepl Platform

This year, at Adobe MAX Business Catalyst pre-conference event we introduced a quintessence of our template solution - Treepl, Growth-driven Business Catalyst Template Platform. Its name alone combines our passion for constant growth, the desire to serve all three categories of BC partners and of course, the fact that real people are involved in every setup. Not even mentioning the new beautiful interface and user experience that we developed. Watch the presentation recording for more details.

EZ-BC is gone

Through the years we had a bunch of different names connected with our brand: some of them are long forgotten, some were introduced just recently. But "EZ-BC" was certainly the name that stuck the most, even though many customers couldn't spell it correctly=) We finally decided that it's time to put "EZ-BC" in its rightful place in the books of our history. "Code Production" is now our main brand. "EZ-BC", you will be missed.

Site updates

We are glad to announce that you can now reply to our system messages from any email address and it will go through to the dashboard. So now you don't have to worry if you have multiple accounts in your Email Manager and occasionally reply to our messages from the wrong address. Also, couple new items were added to the Successful Projects section, Home page was refreshed and some small bugs fixed.

Demo Site Project Saving

The final step in creating Demo Site, project saving, was thoroughly reviewed and updated. You can now name your project and then decide yourself if you want to continue editing it or go to the dashboard. And in the project dashboard, you will now see a short link for sharing with a prospect and two buttons for editing the demo and purchasing the template instance.

New Template: Juss

Here comes the best template for creative and digital agencies - Juss. It features multiple portfolio layouts, pricing and team pages, which makes it a good fit for any business or startup, service provider or corporate client. And its beautiful and modern design will not leave anyone disappointed.

Partner Site Renewal Program

Partner Site Renewal Program is aimed to help any BC partner create a top-notch professional personal site in a very short term and at low cost. Watch full BC Sandpile presentation recording (or a 7-minute recap).

Demo Site Builder update

In the style editor, you can now change the Icons color as well. Content editor UX has also been improved: saving changes is much more intuitive and seamless, upload image size is restricted, so the demo is not overloaded with large files.

Content editor

With Demo Site Builder users are now able to add relevant text, images, videos, etc. to their demo sites. This can surely change the way BC partners make an offer to the clients and then deliver websites.

New Template: Dine&Wine

Our most delicious template Dine&Wine was a long awaited release for many of our customers. Offering such essential restaurant features as menu and online reservation, the template would suit any food service business.

New Face

Custom Templates section of the our site was revised and significantly improved in regards to both the content and design. Now visitors can:

- Learn the benefits of our solution.

- See the testimonials and successful template projects.

- Take advantage of pre-build sample demos for each template, see the capabilities of our tools and use these as a starting point.

- PSD packs are now available separately for each template.

Upgrades for all templates

Accompanying the Demo Site Builder update:

- Home 1 and Home 2 pages were merged in all templates, so you can get advantage of all available blocks.

- Each template now features Essentials (basic site settings) App on the backend.

- As well as Elements (get code for each element of the site you may need) App.

- ‘Coming Soon’ pages added for all templates.

Demo Site Builder

Huge update of the Demo Site Builder tools:

- Functionality and the general look were improved dramatically.

- You can now hide and move blocks around any way you want on the Home page.

- Also, we added ’Report bug/idea’ so you can always leave us a note while using our service.

Ordinary BC template no more

We shifted the vision of our solution from being a simple BC template, to a whole service that would provide partners with ability to create demo sites with clients' branding, etc. in minutes and pre-sell them before purchasing the templates, and, finally, in the end, receiving a clean set up of the site, based on customized demo. Thus, we changed our Terms of use and license and now templates are only licensed for a single use per one website/end client.

Custom Templates and BC App Store

Our first collaboration with another popular BC service that would foster the development of the whole community and benefit all of the partners. For each purchase in BC App Store you now receive a discount for Custom templates.

Weme 1.3

What’s new:

- Site search;

- ‘Contact Us’ page;

- New Galleries;

- 2 Column Right&

- Left Sidebar;

- ‘Portfolio’ page (Web App 3);

- ‘Our Team’ page (Web App 4);

- Minor bugfix and improvements for issues reported by clients.


All of the templates received a whole pack of the improvements:

-‘404’ page;

- Font Awesome icons support;

- PSD’s with the same images as on the preview;

- Numerous bug fixes.

New Template: SuperHomes + MLS

SuperHomes - the very first real estate BC template that includes integration of any external MLS database you can possibly think of at a fixed cost.


Customization Tool had a major update, you can now:

- Change fonts;

- Replace images with gray placeholder boxes;

- Share alternative link with clients.

White-label program

We started a closed white-label program with 10 volunteer partners. We embedded Custom Templates list and preview pages on their partner sites without any mention of Code Production/EZ-BC.

Template update

Here’s what’s new in each template:

- Blog archives grouped by year;

- Instant search on blog without the page reload;

- Minor bugfix and improvements for issues reported by clients.

Customization Tool

Realizing that the pitch to the client is always a challenge, we provided our customers with ability to create free demo sites from a template by instantly modifying the template’s menu, logo, styles and present this interactive prototype site to the potential client without paying us anything. Here’s how it looked like in the very beginning.

New Template: Unity

Our next aim was to create an industry related template that would meet the demand of the partners. This resulted in a close collaboration with a partner, who had a first-hand experience in church software management when creating our Unity template.

New Templates

We knew we are heading a right way this time, so we continued developing new templates. Two more excellent eCommerce templates were released: LookView and Flashbox.

Weme 1.1

What’s new:

- New WebApp with a manageable map (GoogleMap);

- New gallery WebApp;

- Fonts changed from Open Sans Light to Open Sans Regular in header and footer;

- Minor bugfix and improvements for issues reported by clients.

Weme Success

Market has reacted - and it was a heck of a reaction. We sold more Weme’s in one week than all 13 templates through Template Bay in one year.

Custom Templates Launch

On June 16th Custom Templates solution we made a public release with one single template and “Choose Layouts” functionality. Here is a link to the video tutorial we presented that day.

Listening first

Taking a 3-years break in the templates service we had enough time to listen to our clients and their needs. We conveyed a survey with almost 100 BC partners and asked them what do they expect from a perfect template service. Here is a link to original survey.

Template Bay drowned

After a while we realized that the whole concept of the service is not really thought through and that the market is not yet ready for it. The project was closed until further notice.

Long Story Short

The service was going up at first, at least we thought so. There were already 12 templates, also we released a new version of the Template Bay.

Template Bay Launch

Soon, we kicked off. From the very start, we had 23 accounts registered as Authors, 36 Buyers, several templates and huge expectations from this projects.

First Steps

Providing a services for BC communities for over 4 years, we got and idea to create a marketplace of Business Catalyst templates where anyone could buy or sell templates of any type and complexity.