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Codeproduction team are prompt, professional, courteous and most importantly, they do great work

I've been a freelance web designer/developer for many years and I'm currently moving toward becoming a digital agency (a fancy word for "not doing it all myself" ). I asked the team at Codeproduction if they'd help me with some sites using their Treepl templates - taking the role of designer/developer off my plate so I could focus on sales and customer relations. They came through with flying colors! Codeproduction team are prompt, professional, courteous and most importantly, they do great work. I also gave them room to suggest ideas and what they came up with was truly creative and helpful. I strongly recommend Codeproduction.

Marry Higgins MaryHiggins webdesign
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Code Production produces excellent templates

Code Production produces excellent templates. I needed a fast-loading template with properly structured HTML as a starting point for an accessible website. I tried other templates but I noticed the layout would "break" under certain conditions. For example, if I added longer text to web app item, the layout of the page would mess up. The layout of the Treepl template is rock solid. It never failed regardless of the tests I tried. Looking forward to their next set of templates! I also hired the Code Production Team for some unique change requests on the template, and the group is knowledgeable, capable, and reliable - they always meet their deadlines. The Code Production team communicates very well during a project and they make is so simple to do business with them.

Tricia Littlefield TheSimpleWeb
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The additional development we requested was executed quickly and professionally

The template was a perfect fit for our project goals and the client is very pleased with the result! We appreciated the opportunity to purchase exactly the page layouts we needed. The psd files were a convenient way to customize the designs and the additional development we requested was executed very quickly and professionally, as always. We always enjoy working with Code Production and look forward to the next project!

Lisa Gill Thrively Digital
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I have now used the new WEME template system for several projects

Prior to the new template being released I had been using either ground-up designs with my own PSD templates and Code Production coding/markup or off-the-shelf templates from other well known suppliers. The ground-up solution works well but because of my design time adding to budgets, it can only be used when the budgets allow. The sites I have done using other off-the-shelf templates are working, but in nearly every case there have been bugs and issues that we have had to rectify. The other big issue is that the sites end up with a lot of unused code for functionality the clients may or may not use in the future, making the sites heavy. I have now used the new WEME template system for several projects, some keeping styling close to WEME and others largely re-styled. In each case I have been able to:

  • deliver the projects to the client at very competitive budgets
  • have the scope to design as needed but not have to start from ground-up
  • ended up with sites with clean SEO friendly code and no unnecessary code
I have also used the new templates as a marketing tool, demonstrating them to several of my existing clients as well as new clients. As well as winning new projects, this has resulted in projects where I am doing second iteration sites for existing clients using the new templates to re-skin and upgrade their existing sites. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Code Production's new way of working with templates.

Lyn Punshon BeatWave
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We re-skinned all of the design files

To launch our company’s rebrand, we needed a new website and fast! Taking advantage of Code Production’s customized template service, we re-skinned all of the design files, mapped out changes in functionality and layout, then handed it over for their team to implement and deploy in our partner portal. Working with their team was a breeze, allowing us to go from template purchase to a successful on-time launch in a few short weeks. Code Production has become our trusted go-to development team for all of our Business Catalyst needs, and I look forward to working with them again!

Shala W. Graham Brand Calling
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This solution guarantees a fast and painless integration

The team at Code Production has been a great help from the start. We wanted to do a better job of serving churches. Most companies to not give churches the time of day. This can be frustrating as a developer. Code Production took the time to listen, explore, and create a beautiful template to help serve churches. We now have a professional responsive website template with the added benefit of being the perfect fit for Abobe Business Catalyst. This solution guarantees a fast and painless integration. It allows us to offer more solutions for our customer at a more affordable price.

Marcel Sanchez Imagine Mobile Church
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These are way more than just templates

I have worked with the team at Code Production for a while now and I’m more than happy with what they offer. On the development side of things, they have always been super helpful and efficient, great communication too, which is massively important to me and my business. The frameworks they develop are some of the best you’ll find for BC in my opinion and if you need some custom work doing it’s never a problem. I think the word ‘templates’ doesn’t do what they offer justice, these are way more than just templates. Long may our business relationship continue!

Chris Witham LucidSynergy Ltd.