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The Dine&Wine is an elegant Business Catalyst template for the food industry related companies that perfectly suits any restaurant, cafe, bakery, coffee shop or local delivery, as well as many other small and medium businesses. Dine&Wine features exclusive layouts unique to its industry: two different menu options and a booking page for making reservations. If it wasn't about enough, the blog has a brand new look and multiple animations make the experience of using the site better than ever before.

Browsers compatibility

Desktop - Internet Explorer 11+, Firefox 58+, Google Chrome 63+ and Safari 11+ Mobile browsers - iOS 11+, Google Chrome for Android 6+.

Fonts used

  • OpenSans (Google font)
  • Raleway(Google font)
  • Font Awesome for icons

Modules and functionality

  • Site search
  • Exclusives pages
  • Separate blog search
  • 2 x blog layouts
  • New style blog
  • 2 x product list layouts
  • Multi-step or classic shopping cart
  • Pre-designed order receipt page
  • 4 x photo galleries
  • 2 x web app list + detail layouts

Template Features

  • Responsive Design

  • Cross-browser Compatibility

  • Full ChangableHome Page

  • 30+ Layouts

  • Simple Online Editor

  • Email Template

  • Icon Packs

  • Support24/7

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